Road trip to Jermuk

Jermuk is a famous resort town in Armenia, famous for its breathtaking nature, mineral waters, and amazing tourist destinations. Choosing the route of Jermuk gives you great opportunities to visit many other destinations along your way to your final location. There are so many places you can stop by, whether you are interested in architecture, natural monuments, gastronomy, etc. So without further ado, let's see what are some of the most popular and must-visit places along the way of your road trip to Jermuk. 

How to reach Jermuk by car?

Located in the southern part of Armenia, this mountainous resort and spa town is famous for its mineral healing water. When choosing to have your road trip to Jermuk, you can rent a car with Enterprise-Rent-A-Car Armenia, draw your itinerary for the day, and start your memorable and fun ride in the southern part of the country. When you leave the capital, you should take the M2 highway and enjoy the smooth and well-prepared roads of North-South Road. The total driving will take around three hours, as it is 170km from the capital. So it can always be an excellent choice to have stops along the way to take breaks and visit other destinations. So what can you see on your way to Jermuk? Let's find out below.

Jermuk Armenia

Khor Virap Monastery

The first stop of your itinerary can be Khor Virap Monastery. It is a very popular destination both for the locals and foreigners. And it is considered one of the must-visit places of Armenia. Not only because it has a historical meaning and importance for our nation, but also for the breathtaking view of Mount Ararat. This monastery was built in the 7th century CE. And it has significant importance for Armenians, as it is said that Grigory the Illuminator was imprisoned in this place for almost 14 years. He was the religious leader of Armenians in the 4th Century, who converted Armenians from paganism to Christianity. 

Apart from Monastery, you can be stunned by how beautiful the view of Mount Ararat opens to you from this location. If you are lucky and visit Khor Virap monastery on a clear day, you will see the true beauty of the Armenian biblical mountain. 

Areni the wine region

Next on your route can be the famous wine region of Armenia - Areni. Armenia is famous for its fine wines and specific grape types that are typical only to this region. That is why almost all locals in this small village have their own small wine factories and facilities to make wine. If you want to try local wines and experience the true tastes of Armenian wine art, you should definitely stop here and take sightseeing at the wineries. 

Areni cave

If you are interested in archaeology and want to learn more about the ancient facts of Armenian history, you can have a stop in Areni-1 cave not far from the wine routes. Areni cave is famous for its archaeological excavations. Not too long ago, archaeologists found the oldest leather shoe in this cave. They have also found a wine press, showing that Armenians were one of the most ancient nations to produce wine. 

There are local English-speaking tour guides who can take you to the places of the excavations and show the exact places where the ancient leather shoe and other artifacts have been found throughout the entire excavation program. 

Noravank Monastery

Another astounding monastic complex is hidden in the caves and rocks of the Vayots Dzor region. Noravank Monastery will leave you speechless with its breathtaking views and energy. Being founded in the 13th century, this complex also has great importance for Armenians. You can see many beautiful and ancient Khachkars that were created by famous Armenian architect Momik. Noravank is now on the tentative list of UNESCO Wolrd heritage sites of Armenia. 

What to see in Jermuk

Once you reach Jermuk, you will be amazed at how fresh and clean the air is. And all that is because of its mountainous location. This spa and resort town is an ideal place for people who want to spend a few free days and relax at resort hotels. If you want to try the famous Jermuk mineral water, you can visit the gallery in the center of the city. A special monument created for this place gives you a chance to try mineral water coming right from the springs in several increasing temperatures. This water can help you with many health issues. 

When you are in Jermuk, visiting Jermuk waterfall is a must-go place. There is a beautiful legend about this waterfall. It is said that the water running down the edge is also healing and once healed a wounded deer. After that, the deer became the symbol of Jermuk, and you can see its beautiful monument at the top of the mountain. You can also reach there to take beautiful pictures of the monument and admire the views of the city. 

Final thoughts

Visiting Jermuk is an excellent choice while you are staying in Armenia. You can visit many beautiful sights both in the resort town and along your road trip there. Rent your car at Enterprise and start planning your trip to Jermuk and other destinations in the southern part of Armenia!

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Road trip to Jermuk

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