Top 5 Reasons to Visit Armenia

While Armenia is just now being discovered by many tourists, you will love your experience in this country - famous for being cheap, safe, and open-hearted for travelers. There are countless reasons to visit this ancient country: here are 5 of them.


Armenia is ranked as one of the safest places to travel. The capital Yerevan is well known for its magical nights. People commonly take a walk in the center even at night. They watch the fountains at Republic Square and meet other tourists and ex-pats from around the world.

Armenia is also famous for its hospitality, especially towards foreigners. If you are traveling to the regions, the locals will offer you food and water. And if they see you have any spare time on your hands, they will most likely invite you to their house, even if they have just met you!


Armenia is generally a cheap place to visit, especially for the ones coming from abroad. An average meal does not exceed 4-5 euros/dollars. The hotels and B&Bs are for a decent price too, only 17-20 euros/20-22 dollars per night (there can definitely be cheaper options to find as well).

Taking a taxi to places outside the city can be affordable from time to time but if you are in for a nice trip around Armenia, renting a car or having someone drive you can also be a sensible option. You can rent a car starting from 24 dollars per day with Enterprise Rent-A-Car Armenia.

New for Travelers

Located in South Caucasus, Armenia is just recently being discovered by many tourists worldwide. Since the country is located in the transit zone of Europe and Asia, it has adopted values and traditions from both sides, combined with its own unique culture.

Though tourism in the country is on the rise, it is not overwhelming and there is still an opportunity to get to know the country’s authentic lifestyle and some of its people along the way.

Many trails are now being built, many cities are now more and more developed with their infrastructure, and because the country is still homogeneous, it is safe to say that people still get very excited to meet people outside their local communities.


Though relatively new on the tourism map, Armenia and Armenians have been around for a while. Many of the sightseeings you visit will not have an entrance fee and even if they do they may not even cost a couple of dollars.

The country in itself is a museum under the sky, considering the beautiful nature, archeological values its caves have, and the countless churches on every corner, dating back as far as the 3rd century AD.

Small Distance between Places

Armenia is small - traveling from the capital to the furthest city in the south takes only 8-9 hours. However, the country is extremely diverse from region to region - starting from ways of living to weather, nature, and famous sightseeings.

The convenient part is that because of relatively short distances it is very easy to rent a car and hit the road all around the country! This small but ancient country has an insane amount of churches, museums, natural wonders, and many more things to see.

Armenia is safe, affordable, and hospitable for its tourists, so going around the country, meeting the coolest people, and discovering the most amazing places are guaranteed. Take control of your own time, and rent a vehicle with Enterprise Rent-A-Car - our team will be there to support you in any part of the journey!

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Armenia

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