Summer activities in Armenia

Summer season in Armenia is the loudest, brightest, full of fun and unforgettable memories. But, where to go and what to do in Armenia during summer? In this article is just here to help you to find out some of the best summer activities for you to be part of.

The Beach and The Sand

No Armenian ever imagines their summer activities in Armenia without a stay in blue eyed pure beauty Sevan Lake. Here you can swim in cool waters, have a sunbath on the beach, jet-ski, wind-surf, or ride a boat along the lake. Surrounded with high mountains, it offers spectacular sceneries and atmosphere. But the days in Sevan can also be very loud with modern music, drinks and dances till the dawn. Sevan hosts International Music Festival uniting the youth from Armenia and abroad.

The Extreme Park

One of the best places to visit in Armenia during summer is the Yell Extreme Park. This awesome park is located in the Yenokavan village, in Tavush Marz, approximately 140km away from Yerevan. In Yell you will find 5 different Zip-lines; the length of which varies from 135-750m. To feel the adrenaline, try mountain biking, horseback riding, paragliding, rock climbing, paintball and many more. Feel tired? No worries, there is a cozy rest area, where you can also play table games such as chess, monopoly and many others.

Hiking and Trekking

No doubt that summer is the best time of the year for hiking and trekking especially for beginners. Armenia offers breathtaking mountainous landscapes, lavish nature and different climate zones because of different height levels. Here you can find diverse trekking routes, which include many historical and cultural sites. One of the best locations for trekking is from village Sevaberd to lake Akna and Mount Azhdahak (with a difficulty level of above-average). For hiking the most famous destinations are Hatis 2528m (8293ft) and Arai 2577m (8454ft) Mountains.

Summer festivals

There are number of summer festivals or events which take place every year in Armenia. To taste the Armenian beer, you should take part in the Beer Festival that usually takes places in July in Yerevan. One of the most beloved Armenian tradition is Vardavar. Vardavar is the water festival on this day everyone pour water on each other and every passerby from early morning till midnight This is a day when everyone from child to adult play, get wet and have fun together.

Another great festival is the Barbeque Festival, usually held in August, where you will taste one of the best BBQs by experienced cooks.

Cultural visits

For those who prefer to discover the rich and unique culture of Armenia, you can visit Matenadaran and History Museum in Yerevan. You will surely get to know a lot about the country and its people, where they come from and what they dream about. You can continue your tour by visiting some of the main sighsteeings located not very far from Yerevan. Khor Virap and Noravank are definitely worth to explore. They are located south-east from Yerevan and can be visited in one day. Another day trip can be arranged to Garni temple and Geghard church. Both have their bold place in the list of must-see places. As part of the learning, you can also stop by the villages and talk to the locals. Be sure to learn a lot of interesting stories and be offered local food.

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