Lake Sevan: Blue Pearl of Armenia

Called “The Jewel of Armenia”, it is the biggest freshwater lake in the Caucasus region. It is 1900 meters above sea level, hence, the highest lake in the world. Lake Sevan is considered to be a top destination for locals and tourists.

Things to do: Lake Sevan

The best time to visit Lake Sevan is in summer. It is an ideal way to escape from the heat of the capital city and enjoy the cool weather of Sevan.
As it is the highest lake, temperature does not increase sharply, keeping the weather cool and windy.

There is a great variety of budget houses at the beach. Also, you can find gazebos, as well as splendid, luxurious and fashionable hotels. They are equipped with all the essential facilities and amenities such as pools, playgrounds specifically designed for children and other leisure centers.

The main activities you can do in Sevan are basically related to water. The most popular water-based activities are swimming, jet-skiing, windsurfing, sunbathing. You can also try boat riding, which gives you a great chance to explore other parts of the lake and the peninsula.

Sevan is very famous for its dweller trout, which in Armenian means “ishkhan”. Throughout the recent years the trout has been in danger of extinction. Lake Sevan fish - trout has delicate and special taste and is a must-try dish for every tourist. You can try it in different forms: fried, grilled, boiled or stewed. You will have the chance to test the fish in various restaurants spread along the coast of Lake Sevan prepared straight on the coast. Without doubt, it will be a mouth-watering experience for you!


No visit to Sevan is complete without a visit to its top attractions. The most popular site in Sevan is Sevanavank, a monastery dating back to the 9th century.
Positioned at the peak of a little hill, it offers you the best view of lake Sevan and surrounding beautiful mountains.

The other sight worth exploring is the monastery of Hayravank. Last but not least, you can head to the south of Sevan and in the village of Noraduz you can find a small area full of cross-stones (khachkars). Cross-stones are characteristic of ancient Christian Armenian art. This area contains around 900 kinds of cross-stones.

Sevan Weather

Want to figure out when to head to Lake Sevan?
Summer is the perfect time to take a trip to Sevan. As it is located 1900 meters above sea level, it has a very cool climate. Unlike other areas in Armenia, where the temperature may be very high, in Sevan you will always feel a blowing wind and enjoyable chill. As for evenings, it is getting colder mixed with gusty wind. So keep in mind to take a pullover or a light coat to be more prepared.

In summer the water is rather cold and in the rare instance you will experience +20°C (68°F) temperature.


How to get there?

Situated nearby the capital city Yerevan, Lake Sevan becomes a wonderful site to be visited. You can rent a car with Enterprise Armenia and drive to the lake as it takes little time (around 50 minutes) to get to Sevan by car.


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Lake Sevan: Blue Pearl of Armenia

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