Some Major Highways In Armenia - Roads in Armenia

When having a trip in Armenia on your own without a guide or someone who knows the country it is important to know the transportation infrastructure in Armenia, some main directions and regions where you can have beautiful adventures.

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So you arrived in Yerevan and stayed there for a couple days, enjoyed the city and now it’s time to continue your travel. Here are some of the main roads in Armenia which can lead you to beautiful destinations.


1. M1: Yerevan - Gyumri

Gyumri is the second largest city of Armenia. It is the capital city of Shirak region. Gyumri has a rich cultural and architectural heritage valuable both for locals and tourists. You will see churches built in 19th century, city streets and ordinary houses of the same time.

2. M4: Yerevan - Sevan

Sevan is the largest lake in Armenia. It is situated in Gegharkunik region. If you have time, you can swim for a while. The highway is 61 kilometers long and it will take you about an hour to reach Sevan from Yerevan.

The next beautiful place to see is Dilijan. To get there continue your trip on the same highway M4. It will take you about 20 minutes. Dilijan is the favorite place of tourists who come to Armenia for its fascinating nature.

3. M8: Dilijan-Vanadzor

Continuing your trip from Dilijan on the road M8 you’ll reach Armenia’s third largest city Vanadzor. It is the capital city of Lori Region. Pay attention to the landscapes on your way because this is one of the most beautiful roads in Armenia. The road is the most amazing in autumn when the trees of the surrounding forests are changing their color. An unbelievably colorful scene opens in front of you.


4. M12: Goris

Of course you have heard of Tatev Monastery or Wings of Tatev. It is a 13th century monastery complex and here is the 5.7 kilometers long cablecar. This highway is the one that will lead you to Goris town, which is not so far from Tatev.

5. M4 M15 crossroad to H3: Garni

Garni is a temple of pagan times (before Armenia accepted christianity). It was built in the first century AD as a temple to the son god Mihr. It is the most famous construction in Armenia and is a symbol of Armenians paganism.

There are a lot of other beautiful highways in Armenia. If you are more interested in enjoying the roads and the process of reaching to the place of attractions you have the chance to make your trip even more comfortable and spontaneous. Just rent your car from Enterprise Rent-A-Car and drive whichever direction you want!