Best Weekend Drive to Dilijan, Armenia

One of Armenia’s most beloved places to visit in Dilijan. Often called the Little Switzerland of Armenia, Dilijan is the perfect place for a weekend drive, to rest, reflect, and get energized for the week.

Places to See

Dilijan always has something to offer at any season of the year. Only a one-and-a-half-hour drive from Yerevan (about 98 kilometers), Dilijan is a great weekend getaway. The infrastructure to Dilijan is very well developed and to get to the town, you will pass by the Sevan Lake.

Located in Tavush region, the city is absolutely beautiful, surrounded by amazing nature. And if you are interested in exploring more, visit Dilijan National Park. And if you want to see more, continue your journey to Parz Lake, Haghartsin Monastery or Goshavank. The views are indescribable.

In Dilijan itself check out the mixture of the old and the new. Visit Sharambeyan street where a lot of the traditional houses, made of wood and stone are located. The street combines the old buildings with a modernized touch of vintage and stop by the stores of handmade products made by the local artisans.

To see the modern side of the city, check out United World College. Part of the worldwide network of international education center, UWC Dilijan brings students from all over the world who came and now study in Armenia. Many of them later develop their own initiatives in the country and bring a new wave of change.

Places to Eat & Stay

With tourism development and the international environment, the food culture has become a big part of the city. Some people have either moved to Dilijan from Yerevan or have opened a branch of their restaurant in the city.

For a morning coffee, lunch or dinner, you have a bunch of options. Check out Flying Ostrich, Kchuch, Tava or Losh. The food, the service as well as the place interior in all these restaurants is astounding.

Combining the traditional Armenian design with a touch of modern furniture, these places offer delicious food for every taste.
For wine, cognac, other sorts of drinks and chill time check out Carahunge.

If you are ready to stay in Dilijan for the day, there are a bunch of options – Bed and Breakfasts by the locals, or different kinds of hotels for every preference. Check out some of the most popular hotels, such as Best Western Plus Paradise, Dilijan, Park Resort, Tufenkian Old Dilijan complex and many more. And if you want a house for yourself, you can always rent an Airbnb.

So if you want to hit the road for the weekend, Dilijan is your perfect destination. Recharge yourself, take time to reflect and relax. For the best experience, rent a vehicle and take control of your own time. Our team at Enterprise-Rent-A-Car is there to support you at any point of your journey!


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Best Weekend Drive to Dilijan, Armenia

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