Best 5 Must Visit Places in Armenia

Although Yerevan, the capital is popular for its entertainment and many other things it has to offer, Armenia can uncover a lot more of history, culture, and heritage for you as soon as you decide to visit outside of the capital borders. From one-day quick visits to a few days of relaxing getaways, pick your car with Enterprise Rent-A-Car Armenia and make your way to the 5 must-go cities in Armenia.


The art capital of Armenia, or simply the capital of arts and crafts, which also happens to be the second-largest city of the country is located about 120km north of Yerevan which makes it an easy destination for a one-day trip. While driving to Gyumri you can stop multiple times to marvel at the view of glorious Mt Ararat, as it will be accompanying you half of the time on the road and is different with different lighting.


An alternative stop can be in the small village of Talin, where you can see the Cathedral of Talin built in the 7th century. You should know that Gyumri is a city that has also not lost touch with its history and is very well known for the poets, artists, and craftsmen whose works you can get acquainted with if you visit their house museums in the city.

Talk to the locals, if you’re lucky and you share a common language, you will get to know the inside jokes and the culture a little bit better. Walk around to find famous streets from old Soviet movie classics, and drive back to Yerevan towards the end of the day full of impressions.


The provincial capital of the breathtaking mountainous region of Vayots Dzor, Yeghegnadzor’s landscape is nothing like what you’ll experience in any other part of the country. While driving down south to Yeghegnadzor you will experience the landscape changing from valley to rocky mountains with red iron layers in no time.

The area of Yeghegnadzor is famous for its caves that tell the history of early civilizations, including the world’s oldest found leather shoe and its wine-making, which is still being done locally.

So, don’t forget to drive around nature in search of the perfect areas to hike, or to go around the highway tasting homemade wines. In case you prefer to have a lazy day, make sure to check out Vayots Dzor History Museum in Yeghegnadzor and Noravank Monastery, located only 20km south of Yeghegnadzor to sink into some more history.


Often referred to as the Little Switzerland of Armenia, Dilijan, located about 90km north of Yerevan is home to a lot of visitors every year. The nickname speaks for itself - starting from the many hiking trails to great cuisine, the city has many attractions.

Inside the city is Sharambeyan street that combines the old buildings with a modernized touch of vintage. Dilijan is located in the beautiful Tavush region, which is completely covered with trees and mountains. However, before you reach Dilijan, make sure to stop by Sevan lake and be the boss of your time.


If the weather allows, have a quick swim in the freshwater mountainous lake and continue your way to Dilijan. Whether you’re alone, with friends, or with family, it is a great opportunity to leave the big city and have a nice day trip getaway. Don’t forget to check out the Dilijan National Park, and if you have any difficulties finding turns in the roads to specific destinations, our team at Enterprise will be more than happy to help. 


Located just 20 minutes outside of Yerevan, Ejmiatsin is the city to go if you want to have a quick morning tour for yourself. Ejmiatsin, being the religious capital of Armenia has an immense amount of churches that offer their architecture going back to the 4th century when Armenian adopted Christianity.

Ejmiatsin city itself is home to the very first Christian Church - Ejmiatsin. Besides the Mother See of Holy Ejmiatsin, the city also has other churches, such as St Hripsime, St Gayane, and St Shoghakat that date back to the 7th century. And though these many churches may seem a lot for such a small city, trust us, they are all worth visiting.


Located in the biggest region of the country in the very south called Syunik, Goris city and the area has a lot more to offer. Although the drive could be rated as the longest from Yerevan, it is worth every single minute.

Nature is completely different from what you would typically see in other parts of the country and the sights around Goris are one of a kind. Be sure to visit The Medieval Goris Cave Dwellings, walkthrough steep stairs and explore the caves that have been inhabited up until the early 20th century, visit the Tatev Monastery and the longest cable car in the world that has been built. Even more so, check out Goris Rock Forest, which is an unusual sight of the city, with a marked trail for hikers.


For such a small country, Armenia has cities and landscapes that are completely unlike each other. Therefore, make your mind on what you wish to see first, pick the region, pick the city and enjoy traveling on your own schedule while absorbing the heritage of the country.

Book your car with Enterprise and be sure that our team will assist you in picking the most suitable car for your preferred routes, and if you have any questions, we can answer!