Planning a Winter Trip to Armenia

Need some help to plan your winter trip to Armenia? We are always here to help you to arrange a high quality tour to marvelous Armenia and save your time and money on such a little thing as planning.


Winter Season in Armenia

In Armenia Winter replaces Autumn in mid-November. Usually the temperature in December varies from +5C (41f) to -5C (23f). There isn’t much snow in Yerevan and other plains during December, but it’s always snowy in the mountainous regions. The temperature in mountainous regions can vary from -10C (14f) to -15C (5f). Close to January temperature drops for several more degrees. January is much snowy and chilly, though it doesn’t snow much in the capital, but whenever it does, Yerevan turns into a pure white Arcadia. Starting from mid-February the weather gets warmer and you can smell the sweet aroma of looming spring in the air.

What to Wear in Armenia During Winter?

Armenia is a fashion-trendy country; you can see all kinds of fashion subcultures on the streets of Yerevan. However it can be cold , so while packing a suitcase for a winter trip to Armenia, just be sure to choose some warm winter coat and comfortable shoes.

What to do and places to visit During Winter in Armenia?


You can spend some time in Yerevan, walking around the Opera House (opened in 1933, today Opera House can host for 1200-1400 people. Tickets are quite affordable, the prices vary from 4$ to 30$, but you will totally enjoy it : Cascade (huge stairs, that are the home of Cafesjian Center for Arts, connects the downtown with Victory park) and North Avenue (a pedestrian avenue that connects Opera House with Republic Square, here you can find many high-end branded shops, commercial offices, hotels, restaurants, cafes and so on), you can have a tour in Yerevan Brandy Factory, visit Erebuni Historical and Archeological Museum-Reserve (also known as Arin Berd), is a museum located at the site of ancient city ruins from the Kingdom of Urartu, that dates back to 728 BC. Erebuni Museum tells the history of Yerevan establishment) and other sightseeing.


On the roads of Armenia: You can take a trip out of Yerevan; for example, to Gyumri; one of the ancient cities of Armenia with rich history and a unique culture. City was highly damaged during 1988’s earthquake, but still you can find many old buildings and monuments, castles and churches here. Also it’s a great destination for those who love Armenian winter soup Khash.


Dilijan known as lounges of Armenia, or little Switzerland is an old town wrapped with lavish nature and history; Dilijan National Park will amuse you with its incredible Lake Parz (Clear Lake). If you are looking for some youthful adventure you can fly on a zip line over the lake or take a horseback riding tour. Besides ancient buildings and churches, Dilijan is home of UWC Dilijan College and in a class by itself TUMO center of creativity and technology for youth, places where visitors are always welcome.



Rent a SUV with Enterprise-Armenia and chase away to Khndzoresk which is located 255km (159miles) south of Yerevan, a small village with cave apartments, where people lived till mid-20th century. There is a 160m (525ft) long swinging bridge that connects new Khndzoresk with the old cave village.

Tatev Monastery

Built in 9th century Tatev Monastery is situated on the way to Khndzoresk. In 14-15 centuries Tatev Monastery hosted a very important University. Today Tatev is connected with Halidzor with the world's longest ropeway. You will enjoy the alluring scenery under the cabin while soaring over the forest with old ruins.

Armenia is mountainous country and has a world known sky resorts such as Tsaghkadzor and Jermuk (link with 5 things to do). Here you will appreciate the high quality services, ropeway, skiing and snowboarding on 1750 to 2000m (5741-6562ft) above the sea level.

There is so much to do and see during winter in Armenia. Plan your trip beforehand and don’t forget to take your driving license with you. Enterprise-Armenia will help you to select the right vehicle upon the occasion; if you are going to visit mountainous or remote locations, an SUV will be recommended. If you are planning to have a city travel, a sedan as an alternative option can be suggested.

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Planning a Winter Trip to Armenia

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