5 Things to do when you are in Dilijan, Armenia

Briefly About DIlijan

Dilijan, often dubbed “the little Switzerland of Armenia”, is a spa town and one of the most important resorts in Armenia. Located in the north, picturesque Tavush region, this small, yet incredibly charming town has indeed a lot to satisfy the most demanding taste in all four seasons of the year.

Besides being a famous resort for locals and visitors, Dilijan is becoming one of the country’s financial and educational hubs.
Actually, there are a lot of things to do and see in Dilijan when you are in Armenia. There are a number of top places to visit in Dilijan. The gallery and museum are for those who like art. Hiking, picnicking, and mountain biking are quite popular activities as well. Choose your favorite one and “just Dilijan it”!


Find some of the best things to do in and around Dilijan!

Things to Do in Dilijan #1: Visit Haghartsin and Goshavank Monasteries

If you think about what to do in Dilijan, the best thing is to visit several gems of medieval Armenian architecture - Haghartsin (10th -13th centuries) and Goshavank (12th -13th centuries) monastery complexes.

Being prominent educational and religious centers in the past, both monastery complexes attract visitors with their authentic spiritual ambience and unique architecture, especially those of medieval khachkars (Armenian cross-stones) inside. By the way, the symbolism and craftsmanship of khachkars are inscribed on the Representative List of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Things to Do in Dilijan #2: Explore Dilijan National Park

If you think about how to spend summer in Dilijan, Dilijan National Park would be the best choice. Whether you’re a solo traveler or visiting Armenia with family or friends, you’ll find the Dilijan National Park with the Lake Parz (translated as “Clear Lake”) an enticing site. Parz Lake, located only a 30-minute drive from town, is one of the most impressive lakes in Armenia.

Nature and hiking lovers should head to Dilijan National Park and admire all the unique biodiversity the park offers. Besides spending a leisurely afternoon admiring the nature, you can also try the zip line that stretches over the lake or if you go for some winter fun, you can take a horseback riding tour.

Things to Do in Dilijan #3: Make a visit to Old Dilijan Complex

The complex is situated in the town of Dilijan, the northern part of Armenia (Tavush region). Tavush region is known for its picturesque landscape, mild climate and many historic sites. Here you can enjoy activities such as shopping for crafts and souvenirs, taste traditional Armenian dishes, visit Tufenkian showroom, go hiking or just relax in its cozy guest house. The design of the rooms will take you back to 19th century Dilijan, and give you an opportunity to experience true Dilijan lifestyle.


Things to Do in Dilijan #4: Explore the financial and educational centers in Dilijan

Dilijan has traditionally been considered a summer and winter resort for local and foreign vacationers. However, over the past decade the town has become a significant financial and educational hub, attracting students not only from across Armenia but abroad. It’s home to the Central Bank of Armenia’s Training and Research Center, as well as UWC Dilijan College and TUMO Center for Creative Technologies.
If you feel like visiting UWC Dilijan College, making part of an international network of colleges, and TUMO – a one-of-a-kind creativity and technology center for the youth - you need to book a tour beforehand.

Things to Do in Dilijan #5: Savor authentic Armenian cuisine

One of the top things to do in Dilijan is to taste Armenian traditional cuisine. As a tourist destination in Armenia, Dilijan has a lot of cafes and restaurants. If you feel like fueling yourself with delicious food after a long stroll in the town, just visit one of them. Some of them are pricey, others are quite pocket-friendly. But, all of them offer quite tasty food.
There all have a lot of national dishes on your plate – starting from khorovats (barbecue), kyabab, kyufta, tolma, spas (a yoghurt soup), harissa, up to local desserts gata, Armenian-style baklava,. etc.

So if you are traveling to Armenia, make sure to visit Dilijan. Rent a car with Enterprise Rent-A-Car Armenia and head to explore gorgeous Dilijan!