Weekend in Yenokavan

Yenokavan is a village located in the heavenly Tavush Region in the north of Armenia. Thanks to its breathtaking scenery, spectacular landscapes, and magnificent views, Yenokavan has become one of the most visited places by travelers in recent years.

There are so many things you can do in this village during the weekend. Active leisure lovers can have fun activities like ziplining, horseriding, hiking, etc. And passive leisure lovers can enjoy the outstanding nature views by sipping a cup of coffee on the balcony of a boutique hotel.


There are so many types of activities in Yenokavan that anyone can find a suitable activity when having an overnight or two here. So without further ado, let's deep dive into the most entertaining, interesting, and fun activities you can do in this unique village for the weekend.

For Active leisure lovers

For those that are keener on having extreme activities rather than staying in the hotel room, ziplining can be the best option in Yenokavan.

The Yell Extreme park that offers various extreme activities is located right at the heart of the village.

The zipline flies through canyons over 200m deep. Some of the lines are reached through trails from where you can take selfies, enjoy the breathtaking nature, and have some rest before the next line.

So if you are someone who wants to taste the adrenaline in the Armenian mountains, the zipline is the best option for you. Apart from ziplining, the Yell Extreme Park offers various other activities such as horseriding, paintball, zorbing, rope park, off-road driving, and so much more.

Hiking trip to Lastiver

The next day you can have a hiking trip to Lastiver, which goes through the picturesque scenery of the Tavush region's nature, the endpoint of which is the beautiful waterfall hidden in the forest. When hiking to Lastiver, you can also visit the ancient caves called Anapat, where you can find cravings, presumably representing a wedding ceremony.


Passive leisure holidays

When you are looking for a place to have a hot cup of tea, read your favorite book while enjoying the breathtaking landscapes opening from your hotel room's view, Yenokavan is a great choice. Beautiful nature and fantastic mountain views can just make you feel really chilled. Although you can find many locals and tourists enjoying their holidays at Yenokavan, you can always find a nice and quiet spot for relaxing far from the noise.

Where to stay?

There are few places you can consider for overnight stays at Yenokavan. Apaga resort hotel is a great option. Their cottages have great rooms with balconies, the views from where will leave you speechless. Imagine reading your favorite book covered in a warm blanket and enjoying the view opening from your room. Isn't it something you'd like to do for the weekend?

Another option can be staying at the Lastiver Resort hotel which not only offers great rooms but also has an unforgettable open swimming pool. It is heating during wintertime so you can enjoy the hot water during cold weather too. You can arrange your perfect weekend here if you are looking for a peaceful and relaxing overnight at a boutique hotel. And with the free bikes they offer, you can have a morning ride in the hotel area and enjoy the mesmerizing landscapes.

How to get there?

Yenokavan is located 152 km northeast of Yerevan. You can still use public transport or a taxi to get there, however, if you want to spend quality time without thinking about the transport issues you can rent a car in Yerevan and control your timing. Having a car will also allow you to explore the area and visit a few sights on your way too.
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Weekend in Yenokavan

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