10 Must-do Adventure Activities in Armenia

Nowadays adventure tourism in Armenia is developing at a fast pace. Armenia is mostly mountainous. It is rich in exotic destinations and fascinating routes to explore.

If you’re ready to test your courage and capabilities, there are many adventure activities in Armenia scattered throughout its area. The top things to do in Armenia are ski sports, trekking, paragliding, snowboarding, mountaineering, rock climbing, Jeep tours and others. In 2011 the popular magazine “National Geographic Traveler” placed Armenia among the top 3 destinations for adventure tourism based on the international polling.

The 10 most exciting extreme activities are:

1: Climbing in Armenia

If you need adrenaline and adventures, it is worth climbing the Northern Peak of Mount Aragats (4090 meters) or Mount Khustup in Syunik Province. This is the ideal way to admire Armenian terrain and discover the magnificent scenes and views.
When climbing the mountains, it is recommended to go there with guides who know the territory well and can give you direction during trips.

2: Armenia on wheels: biking tour

Armenia is considered a perfect spot for people to enjoy biking and cycling. Biking and cycling are the best ways to explore Armenia in depth. While cycling you will have the chance to visit the top landmarks, historical buildings, interact with warm and welcoming people and finally taste traditional cuisine on your tour on wheels.

3: Hiking in Armenia

Hiking is very popular in Armenia as it is a mountainous highland. Hiking hubs are several due to the geography of the country. When trekking, you have the opportunity to discover the nature of the country closely and even visit villages and places of interest in Armenia.

Among the most famous hiking traces is Syunik Region, the starting point would be Tatev Monastery. The new swinging bridge and Khndzoresk village caves have also become a very popular hiking spot among tourists. Another hiking trail worth going is Lori Region, while the Dilijan National Park is regarded as one of the best spots for quality hiking.
All you need to do is to take your hiking essentials, clothing and gear and start your tour to the heart of the Armenian nature. You can go hiking in throughout July-August, yet if you’re a skilled climber you can enjoy it at any season.

4: Horse-riding in Armenia

Armenia is a perfect spot for active rest lovers who really enjoy horseback riding. It has all the necessary conditions to do horse-riding. Clubs and private companies organize the best riding tours which have horse barns, riding clubs and farms where you can have a perfect horse racing adventure and experience.
You do not need to be a skilled horseback rider for riding holidays. You can try horse riding in several centers such as 10 out of 10 complex, Hovik Hayrapetyan Equestrian Center, Ayrudzi Riding Club and private horse-riding tours out of Yerevan. There you can even feed horses and join in the saddling and riding process.

Horse-riding in Armenia

5: Jeeping in Armenia/Off-Roading

Jeeping is ideal for those who are quite keen on driving and exploring sightseeings driving. With your car, you can get to the places that are very hard to cross and you can even try jeeping in challenging roads in the mountains renting cars 4x4. These cars are suitable for both men and women. Families and large groups can also try jeeping, but it is always guided by a skilled expert.

6: Water Sports in Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan, being the biggest freshwater in Armenia, offers a number of water sports for adventurers and thrill-seekers. The top water activities you can try there is swimming in the lake, windsurfing or riding a jet-ski. Boat rides are popular as well and you can go riding to discover the lake and its magnificent peninsula.

7 and 8: Paragliding and Hot Air Ballooning in Armenia

Paragliding and hot air ballooning are good ways to explore Armenia from the bird’s view. It is real extreme to fly in an air balloon above the hills, finish it with a drink champagne and get a flight record. Both activities give you the best emotions and let you enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of Armenia.

You can take an air balloon ride not only in summer, but also throughout the year. All you need to do is to wear appropriate clothes when riding in cold season. Undoubtedly, this will become a once in a lifetime experience.


9: Zipline Armenia

Zip-lining is another extreme sport for thrill-seekers worth trying. There are a number of ziplines in both Yerevan and regions of Armenia: in Yenokavan (Yell Extreme Park), in Dilijan and Tsaghkadzor. You can go zip-lining throughout the whole year. It gives you the best chance to enjoy the mesmerizing terrain and shoot pictures in the meantime.


10: Ski or snowboard at Tsaghkadzor

If you plan to travel in winter, there are a number of resort towns in Armenia such as Jermuk, Sevan and Tsaghkadzor ski centers which provide the best accommodation and shops necessary for a comfortable stay. They offer ski trails and provide the most essential equipment needed for skiing. The winter sports and entertainment centers strictly comply with safety regulations. As for the prices, they are reasonable and affordable for most winter travelers.


The list of top winter destinations and winter attractions can be long, however we hope you have unforgettable moments in Armenia. Enterprise Rent-A-Car Armenia will provide you with a wide selection of rental transportation. It will offer you SUVs suitable to your travel itinerary, hard-to-reach remote locations and challenging routes.