Useful Tips for Driving in Armenia - Roads In Armenia

You have decided to take control of your own time and navigate around with a rented vehicle - excellent!

When traveling in Armenia, just choose the destinations you want to visit and trust your journey to the professionals. The team of Enterprise Rent-A-Car Armenia is there to guide you every step of the way.

Here, we have sorted several tips you will find useful when driving in Armenia.

Speed Limits

The speed limits in Armenia vary depending on your location. On urban roads, the highest you can go is 60 km/h, and on highways is 90 km/h. In certain cases you have to be careful - many areas involve kindergartens, schools, and other such institutes, so near those areas your speed limit is 40 km/h.

Be aware that there are speed cameras in Yerevan that will capture the violation if you try to exceed the limits. In terms of traffic, just like any other capital, Yerevan is always busy. But in terms of infrastructure, you can drive easily. Also, note that Enterprise-Rent-A-Car offers Economy Class Sedans. So, visit our office in downtown Yerevan and make your rent arrangements! Driving outside of Yerevan is more relaxed and less packed.


The total length of Armenia’s roads is around 7700 km. The roads are mainly covered with asphalt and are generally drivable. Though there are some places where you may not find developed infrastructure, the main roads between cities and inside the city are pretty well done.

Armenia is a mountainous country, and it is not always a straight road in front of you, which makes your drive even more exciting and enjoyable.

If you are driving in the winter, know that the first snow in Armenia usually arrives in November and can go until the end of March. But this can’t stay on your way to have fun and enjoy driving! All the cars rented from Enterprise during this season are fully switched to winter tires (note that there are no additional charges for them). We recommend you take an SUV which is the most suitable vehicle for this time of the year.

Good to Know

Always have your license, car’s technical passport, insurance documents, and if rented, the vehicle’s rental information with you. The minimum driving age in Armenia is 18 and if you have a child under the age of 12, they cannot accompany you in the front seat.

Needless to say, do not drink and drive, and always have your seatbelt on. Your fellow in the front seat should also fasten the seatbelt, however, passengers in the back are not obliged to do so.

Do not use your mobile while driving, unless the car has a hands-free system.

Lastly, get to know Armenia through its people! Usually, there are road signs which are self-explanatory or translated into English. But if you can’t find your way, just stop and ask random people on the streets - Armenians are really friendly and will be glad to tell you the directions you may need. And if any accidents occur, no worries at all - you have our support system. All of our cars have insurance and our team is there for you 24/7.

Armenia is a safe country and easy to get around. Some of these tips are only there to guide you. And if you are still not sure about any of the rules and regulations, our team at Enterprise is there to assist you every step of the way!