The Best things to do in Armenia during Spring

All seasons are majestic in Armenia, and Spring season is one of the finest. The rich nature is showing its green fields, rocky mountains are covered with velvet carpet. Armenians are worldwide known for their hospitality and cheerfulness, so Armenian festivals and holidays all year long are not a topic to surprise. Choose the festivals and events that are closest to your heart and fly to Armenia. You can request a Chauffeur Service from Enterprise-Armenia, who can guide you during your journey and help you see the best things in Armenia. There are so many things to do in Armenia.

Looking for the best time to visit Armenia?! Let’s go!

Yes!!! Snowman!

Festival year in Armenia starts from February. On February 17-18 the Snow Art festival will take place in Jermuk, one of the spa resorts of Armenia. On two days of festival you will see how a mountain of snow is becoming into a magnificent statue from a fairy tale. You can participate in the Ice Skating competition and Winter Cold Party on the second evening of the festival. The party will be accompanied by cheerful music, dances around the fire and tastiest Armenian wine.

International Women’s Day? No! It’s Women’s Month in Armenia

The 8th of March is celebrated worldwide as the International women’s day, but Armenians will not be Armenians if they don’t differ from the entire world. Armenians enjoy a whole month of love and affection, as from 8th of March till 7th of April they are celebrating and cheering women. The month long fests are over on the 7th of April, the date on which is celebrated the day of maternity and beauty. This whole month is filled with many beautiful events in different cities of Armenia and innumerable flowers.


May!!! Hurray!!!

May is a month of victories, many holidays, events and festivals.

The International Worker’s Day is celebrated on 1 May. It’s a public Holiday, so the streets are boiling with cheerful music, dances and joyful atmosphere.

The 9th of May is a triple celebration day in Armenia. Armenians celebrate the victory in the Second World War, the Liberation of Shushi (a city in Artsakh Republic) and the formation of the Artsakh Defense Forces. On this day many events are scheduled. The best place to visit in Yerevan is Republic Square, where usually a military march is being held in the morning.

Another public holiday is celebrated on 28th of May; this time it’s First Republic Day. And now let’s jump to all-time favorite festivals in Armenia on May.


Besides International Worker’s Day this year’s Yerevan Wine Days festival will take place on first and second of May, also another festival is dedicated to 140th anniversary of world-known Armenian painter Martiros Saryan. Thus this year first of May is also triple celebration day.

On 24th of May is The International Tolma Festival. Festival will take place near Zvartnots Temple (Armavir Region). Here the chefs of famous Armenian and international restaurants will cook Armenian dolma and compete for the title of the best chef.

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