Summer Festivals and Events in Armenia

Besides all the wonderful places you see and the hospitable people you meet in Armenia, taking part in festivals is a whole other experience!

Armenians love celebrations and if they can create a new festival and have more fun, they will not miss that chance. Each region in Armenia tells a story and as each festival is organized in a different part of the country, make sure to also travel around wherever you visit. 

Here is a list of summer festivals that you should not miss, when in Armenia.

Barbeque Festival

Khorovats which is the Armenian word for barbeque is a famous treat for family gatherings, weddings, or even just Sunday picnics. This delicious festival is annually held in Akhtala, located in the beautiful Lori province. The festival is held near St Astvatsatsin Church, and the participants are from various restaurants, organizations and culinary groups. It has attracted visitors from all over the world and in 2019, the event will celebrate its 10th anniversary.

While you are at the festival, do not miss your chance to drive around Lori - the summer in this northern region is very mild and peaceful. Take a deep breath of fresh air, and enjoy the mountains and rivers all around. Whether you are a big or a small group, you can find the best car rental options with us. Enterprise-Rent-A-Car will provide you with the most comfortable SUV-type vehicles for traveling to the countryside.

Sheep Shearing festival

Yes, you heard it right - Armenians have a festival dedicated to shearing sheep. Though it is relatively new and has only been around for the past four-five years, the festival enjoys massive popularity both among locals and international guests. Annually held in Syunik region, in the south of the country - the festival is a sheep shearing contest, where the fur is then going through a process and is given to local artisans who make carpets out of it. It also features traditional dances, music, and a chance to promote products of Vayots Dzor and Syunik regions.

Located right next to each other, the two regions have mesmerizing sceneries to explore, especially during the summertime. Both regions are perfect to take a road trip and discover one province after another.

Honey and Berry Festival 

What better way to taste homemade honey and enjoy berries on a hot summer than take part in Honey and Berry Festival. Held annually in Tavush region, the festival attracts thousands of tourists as well as locals, who are given the chance to buy homemade honey and berry products. The aim of this event is to showcase the importance of community and Tavush’s honey and berry production. Just like other festivals, this one also features Armenian songs and dances, handmade products, and crafts specific to the region.

As you visit Tavush, the first associations are the trees and the beautiful nature - be sure to drive in the area and explore the breathtaking sceneries.

Watermelon Festival

Coming back to Yerevan? Do not miss the Watermelon Festival, organized by the Municipality. The capital is, to say the least, very hot in the summer. So, a slice of cold watermelon is what you need! Held in Swan Lake every year, the festival features unique carvings on watermelon, music, dances, and different performances. Flashmob, games, and other entertainment activities are also on the list for the day. Join the delicious, fresh, and colorful festival of the year.


Celebrated in July, Vardavar is more of a holiday than an organized festival in the summer and it is so much fun! Though originally connected to pagan times and then the Christian faith, Vardavar has now become the favorite holiday of all people. No matter where you are in Armenia, you will see people throw buckets of water at each other in their local districts, towns, and villages. If you are a fan of bigger celebrations, go to Garni Temple, or if you are in Yerevan check out the big groups in Swan Lake or the Republic Square. But aware - whether you participate or not, you will get drenched anyway! 

Yerevan Wine Days

Though not entirely in the summer, Yerevan Wine Days celebrated in May is a unique way to get to know Armenia’s wine culture. The famous Saryan street gets closed down for two days and all the wineries and brands showcase their products. Buy a badge for the whole festival and have a sip of any kind of wine you want, and trust us - there are plenty of brands you should give a try!

The more places you want to explore in Armenia, the more reasonable it is to have a dedicated car for it.

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The above-mentioned festivals are only a few of the many celebrations you will experience in Armenia. For the full list, please visit