Road trip to Gyumri

Everyone who travels to Armenia expects to see mind-blowing nature, beautiful landscapes, and ancient architecture. And if you have the same expectations, it will absolutely meet with the reality as Armenia is like an open-air museum with rich cultural and historical heritage. 

Many travelers prefer to get around Armenia by car. And when you have a particular destination on your mind, make sure you check what's on your way as you can have many stops and make the most out of your trip by enjoying the views of many architectural monuments, stunning sceneries, and breathtaking nature. 

Gyumri Armenia road trip

Gyumri is the second-largest city in Armenia after the capital and it is also considered to be the cultural center of Armenia with a number of famous artists and poets originating from this beautiful city. So when you decide to take the road trip to Gyumri, you can also make stops at so many beautiful sights on the way.

In this article, we are going to talk about the places you have to see en route to Gyumri and in the city as well.

How to reach Gyumri by car?

There are several road options that will take you to Gyumri from the capital city. But the best option, considering the road conditions and other destinations to stop along the way would be the M1 highway. And today we will talk about the destinations that stretch with this particular route. 

During your road to Gyumri, you can make stops in many mesmerizing places such as Saghmosavank monastery, Armenian Alphabet Monument, Karmravor Church in Ashtarak town, and so many more places. Let's have a closer look at the destinations before you reach Gyumri

Saghmosavank Monastery and Kasakh Gorge

Saghmosavank is an XIII-century monastery majestically standing on the edge of the Kasakh gorge. Thanks to its excellent location you can admire several breathtaking views at once. If you visit this place on a clear-sky day you can admire the beautiful views of the mountains Ararat, Aragats, and Ara on the horizon. You can be stunned by the beauty of the gorge, as it is perfect in every season. Don't forget to take photos in this place and keep them in your trip memories. You will surely remember this location for a long time. 

Armenian Alphabet Monument

Continuing our way to Gyumri, you can have another stop near the Armenian Alphabet Monument, which is very close to the Saghmosavank monastery. The Armenian alphabet has 39 letters, and in celebration of their creation's 1600th birthday, an Armenian architect created those 39 letters to mark the groundbreaking creation. You don't have to take a break here for a very long time, many tourists love to take pictures with their first letters and continue their trips further. 

Karmravor church

Your next stop on your way to Gyumri can be a beautiful and mystic church in Ashtarak town called Karmravor. Why mystic? Firstly, there is no exact date of its foundation, and the architecture is also unknown. It is called Karmravor because of its red dome. There are many interesting and mind-blowing legends connected with the history of the church, but the reality is, there is no specific and proven information about this beautiful church. 

What to see in Gyumri

Once you've reached Gyumri, the second-largest city of Armenia, and as Armenians love to call it the cultural capital, you can admire the beautiful streets of the city, marvel at beautiful architecture, and simply enjoy your time in the museums, churches, and other destinations. It is not said in vain that Gyumri is the cultural capital of Armenia. You can visit so many small but meaningful museums and theatres here. If you are interested in art, paintings, and sculptures, you should definitely visit the museum of the Aslamazyan sisters. And if you want to feel the real vibes of 19th-century Gyumri, you can visit Zanan cultural center, where you can see various traditional garments worn by locals in that century, and learn more about their lifestyle and historical facts. 

People interested in theatrical plays can visit Gyumri Dramatic theater, which hosts a number of performances and plays. Many locals love to visit this place and enjoy their evenings. You can also visit the most famous church of Gyumri, Yot Verq, which means seven wounds. The church was partially damaged by the Earthquake in 1988. However, it was reconstructed after it and you can still see some of the damaged parts, including the chapel, next to the church 

Final thoughts

Gyumri has a lot to offer to all travelers, be they locals or foreigners. Not only you can enjoy the beautiful sights of this city, but you can also admire the destinations that are located along its road. Your road to Gyumri can surely be an interesting journey for you. So make the most of it and visit many places, which you can later remember and share your memories with your friends.

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Road trip to Gyumri

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