Renting a car VS buying a car

Renting a car instead of buying one is slowly becoming a thing for many people. Many people find it more affordable and convenient to rent a car rather than buying one from the dealership. Of course, this option is reasonable if you think of using the vehicle long-term. For those who move to Armenia for a temporary project, or are busy enough to deal with car maintenance or selling procedures, Enterprise Rent-A-Car Armenia can be a great solution as we offer solutions that will save you time and money. So if you are still hesitant about the thought of getting a new car or renting one long-term, this article is for you. We will talk about all the details, advantages, and key points that will help you make your decision faster. 


Is it reasonable to rent a car instead of buying?

Given the fact that you can get so much more services with us rather than just getting a car, renting one is certainly reasonable. If you decide to get a long-term rental with Enterprise Rent A Car Armenia, you can choose from the extensive car options from our existing fleet. However, we are also giving you an exclusive opportunity to get a brand new car from the salon if you choose to rent it for a minimum of 3 years. In this case, we will take into account all your preferences and you will get the car you specifically want.

Above all, when you get a car from a rental agency, you are getting an opportunity to receive additional services, which can be a great advantage. So what services can you get with us?

  • Full maintenance of the car: When you have the long-term rental with us, we will take care of the full maintenance, including tire changes, oil changes, regular checkups, etc. 
  • Insurance case management: We will make sure that all your insurance documents are set and ready for you to drive safely. If you are involved in a car accident, our specialists will take care of all necessary paperwork and procedures on your behalf so you do not spend time on this and focus on your main activities.
  • Vehicle replacement: Another outstanding service that is included in the package, is that you will get a chance to replace your car in case it gets damaged. This way, you will have another vehicle, while yours is being repaired. 
  • Additionally, you will get 24/7 customer support that is always available for all your questions and emergency queries. 

Will I save money with long-term car rental?

Absolutely! This method of getting a car can go a long way in saving you money. We provide fixed monthly rates for the rental. So in case you are interested in signing the contract for a specific period of time, you can calculate how much money you will spend overall. You will also notice that the longer period you choose, the less monthly fee will be. Our advantage is that with long-term rentals, the monthly fee is around the same price as about 2 weeks' rental. This way you will surely save some money. Another great advantage is that you do not have to worry about the depreciation of the car and the price you will be able to sell it later. You can simply return the car at the end of the contracted period and request a new car. This way you will keep on driving new vehicles. At Enterprise, you can also benefit from flexible options for exchanging your car during the contracted period. For example, you can rent a sedan car but exchange it for SUV during the winter season. All these options can be negotiated when renting a car for the long term.

Car rental Armenia

So with all the listed advantages, renting a car for the long term can be surely a good option that will free you from any hassles and give you flexibility and freedom to make decisions.

For corporate customers, there are more advantages involved. If you are planning to purchase your fleet for business operations, make sure you consult with our specialists. We will then come up with a tailor-made offer for your needs that will let you focus your resources on your core business and use Enterprise vehicles instead of investing to buy your own.

Final thoughts

Long-term car rental service has lots of advantages but mostly it allows you to fully concentrate on your main activity, save time and money and outsource all related operations to professionals. It also gives you comfort as you will always have a replacement car and never worry about the problems of selling it or updating it with a newer model. Simply reach out to our customer service by phone at +37491 376060 or email us at and let our specialists work out a tailored offer designed for your needs. 

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Renting a car VS buying a car

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