car rental in yerevan armenia

Rent a Car with Full Insurance in Armenia

At Enterprise Rent-A-Car we care about your safety and hassle-free journey. For this reason all the major insurance components are included in the basic rates such as CDW (Collision Damage Waiver), TPL (Third Party Liability), TP (Theft Protection), PA (Personal Accident Insurance) with an excess amount.

Nevertheless sometimes when we travel to new destinations, we feel we need some more insurance than the basic one to feel more confident and never think about bills.

For those, who want to rent with peace of mind, Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers Full Insurance package. When renting a car with full insurance, you do not need to care about the bents or scratches, since this option relieves you from any kind of financial responsibility in case of accidents or damages. It covers not only CDW, TP, TPL, PAI but also the tires and windshield.

So if you like to be fully protected, here we are with an ideal solution.

Terms and conditions:

When buying full insurance, the deposit amount is being reduced up to 50%. The full insurance price is 7000 AMD daily and the maximum per rental price is 49,000 AMD.

Super Cover or Full insurance as well as any other insurance types are valid if the Renter is in line with the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement and follows the instructions indicated in the Rental Agreement.

Full Insurance does not cover any loss of vehicle belongings such as keys, plate numbers, stereo system, wheel cover and etc….