Armenia - a new home for digital nomads

Being a relatively unknown country, Armenia has all the potential to become one of the best countries for IT companies. In the last few years, Armenia has shown that the tech and IT industries are one of the most rapidly growing industries in the country. Thanks to that, many IT communities, companies, and startups have started to develop their businesses here. Another advantage that came with this development is that Armenia has become an excellent place for remotely working people. The capital Yerevan has become a popular city for digital nomads as it provides all the convenience to work remotely, enjoy evening walks, and have short trips on weekends. Being a small city, Yerevan is a blast for those who want to change their location and merge work with pleasure. Today's blog is about all the tips and useful information for those who consider moving to Armenia and starting to work here.

IT in Armenia

Getting around Yerevan

The first thing that will come to your mind when you arrive in Yerevan would probably be the surprisingly modern capital. Regardless of its small territory, you can find everything in Yerevan that will help you work here without any inconvenience. There are many means of transportation such as metro, public transport, buses, and taxis. However, if you are more into having your comfort while transporting, car rentals are also available in Yerevan. Enterprise Rent-A-Car Armenia offers great deals on car rentals in Yerevan for people who want a temporary car during their stay. Special monthly rates are also a great option for those digital nomads that plan a longer stay. You can collect your car at the downtown office or right at the Airport upon your arrival.

Accommodation and other amenities
The cost of living in Armenia is reasonably affordable. You can find good options of decent hostels in the center of the city starting at 10$ per night. If you want to have a private room with a private bathroom and other facilities, you can look for hotel options which can start from 30$ per night. Airbnb is also available in Yerevan, and you can surely find many beautiful apartments or studios in the city center at reasonable costs. And if you are planning to stay People who plan to stay longer can rent an apartment here as well. Normally the prices start from 300$ per month including all the amenities for a 2-bedroom apartment. Take into consideration that the more central the location is, the higher the rate of the rent would be.

You can find many supermarkets, shops, cafes, and restaurants on every corner, so you will not have any difficulties going shopping or spending your evenings in a nice atmosphere after work. And if you want to find more affordable options of apartment rents, you can consider renting a place outside the capital yet close to it. Since Yerevan is a small town, the nearby parts of the capital are also great places to look for accommodation options. These kinds of options can also offer another advantage of being close to nature, enjoy fresh air, and avoid crowded streets of a bustling capital. Some of the closest destinations from Yerevan can be Dzoraghbyur, Zovuni, Metsamor, etc. Taxis will take you to the center of the capital within 20 minutes, if you want to spend your evenings in Yerevan.

Yerevan rental cars

Another interesting fact about Yerevan is that free WiFi is available in almost all public places, bus stops, parks, and even inside buses. So whenever you are tired of working in an office space or your home, parks are available for you as well.

If you plan on getting a SIM card during your stay in Armenia, various mobile operators have good packages, including excellent mobile data options. There are three operators in Armenia Team Telecom, VivaCell MTS, and Ucom. Getting a SIM card is very easy, and you can get one either in the offices of the companies or at the airport right after you arrive. The internet options here are also very affordable and fast-working. If you want to have wifi at the place you will stay for a while, you can check the options of the internet providers. The average rate per month is 15$, which offers fast and smoothly operating wifi and internet services. 

Co-working Offices

In the last few years, many co-working offices have opened in the capital, allowing people to work in an office environment yet keeping the modern styles and approaches of the overall atmosphere. Many co-working spaces provide meeting rooms, private rooms for video calls, public areas, a cafeteria, printing services, etc. All of the places are perfectly equipped with office furniture, fast internet, and WiFi. Some of them also provide free snacks and beverages. The co-working spaces come with a cost starting from 8$ per day. There are also other working spaces if you want to avoid the bustling capital and work in nature. Not far from Yerevan, many locals have established co-working places that allow people to work in comfort outside the capital and enjoy nature and fresh air. So this can be a perfect choice for those who want to rent a car and leave the busy capital for a calming and enjoyable countryside. And when you decide to work outside Yerevan on Friday, you can also have weekend trips to the neighboring regions of Armenia.

Anyone who has worked remotely in Armenia can surely state that this country is an excellent place for digital nomads, and everyone will enjoy working here. So whenever you wish to leave your country and search for a place to work remotely, consider Armenia as an option too.