Top Places For Adventure Trip in Syunik Province

Discovering a country while taking a road trip uncovers not only most of its landscapes but also people, culture, heritage, and nature. Armenia has a lot to offer from all these listed things, therefore if you are wondering what to do for a couple of days or if you enjoy driving through the mountains that do not stop changing their scenery, then a drive down to the jewel of Armenia that is Syunik region is perfect for you.

Syunik offers the longest non-stop cable car in the world. The 5.7 km cable car even holds the Guinness World Record and starts from Halidzor ending in Tatev Monastery, spanning over the beautiful Vorotan gorge.

This jewel of Syunik is located about 250 km south of Yerevan. The highway to the south is a part of the northern-southern highway of Armenia the southern part of which is entirely completed, thus making an easy drive through scenic Armenia.

Make sure to leave Yerevan before the traffic starts, from there getting to the highway is fairly easy. If you have any questions on the road, our team will be happy to guide you every step of the way. 

On the road to the south, there will be many opportunities to stop for a perfect postcard picture. You can stop in the villages for water refills, in gas stations for fuel refills and do not lose these opportunities to talk to locals.

When you reach the south, the big gates of the Syunik region will welcome you in. Before you reach the cableway that has already attracted more than 100,000 visitors each year since it has been open, make sure to stop near Karahunj near Sisian city.

After that continue driving further until you reach the cable car, which in fact is a part of the Tatev Revival Project and is non-commercial, as its profit goes towards the development of the region and the restoration of Tatev Monastery.

This 9th-century monastery is one of the staples of tourism in Armenia and the ultimate destination for the Syunik region with a history of having been the home of the 14-15th century Tatev University. There you can also find an old oil press facility made in the 17th century.

After having gazed at the Monastery, remember that Syunik has still so much to offer. With the well-equipped cars from Enterprise Armenia, you can have a safe drive to the mountains and have a nice hike through the trails that lead to the gorge of the Devil’s Bridge, or to nearby medieval villages such as Old Harjis, Halidzor of Khndzoresk.

Or if you are craving something more extreme, then you can paraglide over the Vorotan gorge. As you go further south from Tatev Monastery you can go to the cities of Goris, Kapan, and even Meghri, where the scenery and the mountains get even better.

In Syunik, you will not lack accommodations. From guest houses to hotels, people love having foreigners over and offer authentic Armenian cuisine and housing and most importantly, Armenian hospitality. These are the stories that will be some of the most memorable ones, as you will get to spend time with locals. There is no other better way to discover a country piece by piece than through a road trip.

Book your car with Enterprise Armenia now and get the ultimate local experience going to the most scenic views of Armenia while uncovering its history at the same time!