Discover the Armenian Stonehenge – Karahunj

There are many ancient monuments, monasteries, and remains, proving that Armenia is an ancient civilization. However, one of the most mystic monuments that are interesting to many historians and scientists to this day is Karahunj, also known as Armenian Stonehenge. This majestic monument is also known as Zorats Karer among Armenians, which translated from Armenian means Majestic Stones.

There have been many research and excavations of the monument and the area surrounding it, which have proven that Karahunj is a remarkable and unique archaeological site not only for culture but also the history of Armenia.

Zorac Karer

What is the mystery behind the Karahunj?

Many historians and scientists have tried to study this monument's significance and try to explain for what reason it was created. However, to this day, it is unknown the purpose of this monument, and it is a continuous topic of argument among many historians. A significant part of them thinks that it is a sacred place, the center of which is a graveyard. The other half thinks that the Karahunj was an ancient observatory. Even though there is no specific answer to the question of what the Karahunj is, this majestic monument is certainly significantly similar to Stonehenge in England.

There are 84 stones in the area. The lengths of the stones reach from 1.5m up to 3m, forming a full circle with an area of about 7 hectares. The most mysterious and interesting part of these stones is that some of them have holes in them, which are directed to different points in the sky.
The age of Armenian Stonehenge is also not certain. Many scientists tried to give the answer of how old the Karahunj is. However, the most accurate statement was made by an Armenian physicist Paris Herouni. After thoroughly studying the monument and its history, he claims that Karahunj was founded over 7500 years ago.

Discover the Armenian Stonehenge

Despite the fact that one can have arguments about Karahunj's purpose for hours, the Armenian Government officially named this ancient monument as a Karahunj Observatory in 2004. Considering the high significance of the monument the Armenian Government also decided to make the Karahunj a historical and cultural reserve.

How can you get to Armenian Stonehenge?

Armenian Stonehenge is located in Sisian town, in Syunik Province of Armenia. It is far from the capital Yerevan at about 250 km, around 4 hours of drive. There are several options you might consider when planning a visit to Armenian Sonhenge. The most budget-friendly option is to take a scheduled public transport. The minibuses leave to Goris town from the Metro Station of Sasuntsi Davit in Yerevan. The ticket will cost you around $5.

Ask the driver to drop you off at the closest point to the monument, from where you will have to walk a few meters to reach it. The way back to Yerevan can be arranged from Sisan town not far from Karahunj. You might also find taxis who can drop you off.

Discover the Armenian Stonehenge

Another option is to take a taxi from the Capital. The price may vary, depending on the taxi you take, but normally, a one-way ride will cost around $50.

And perhaps, the most convenient options would be to rent a car. With this, you will have all the time you need to stop anywhere in the road or have a small lunch break. Car rentals with Enterprise start from $30 for one day. Fill in some petrol and enjoy your ride with a comfortable vehicle of your choice.

Even though there are many controversies and hypotheses around the significance of the monument, Karahunj is indeed a majestic and mystic place one should visit when being in Armenia.