Monthly Rentals with Special Prices

Enjoy safe and comfortable ride with our special prices for the fleet below (or similar).


Monthly prices in AMD.
    1-6 months   6-12 months


Kia Rio
170,000   150,000
Hyundai Elantra
190,000   170,000
Toyota Camry
399,000   360,000


Suzuki Vitara
210,000   190,000
Kia Sportage
350,000   325,000
Toyota Prado
500,000   450,000


Ford Tourneo
400,000   380,000


RATES INCLUDE: standard insurance, technical support, additional driver service, unlimited mileage and city parking in Yerevan.

SAFETY: We highly prioritize the safety and protection of our customers, hence we carry out thorough cleaning techniques of our vehicles for each rental.

FOR BOOKING, please contact us via phone (+37491 376060) or email (