How to book a weekend rental deal

Traveling to Armenia on weekends can be such a great experience. Not only do you get out to the countryside, enjoy nature and landscapes, but you will also explore many travel destinations that you haven't had a chance to visit. Weekends are the perfect time to get out of the bustling capital and hit the road to the beautiful and breathtaking destinations of Armenia. And if you want to take advantage of the full experience, we have great weekend deals for you. So without further ado, let's find out what options you have with Enterprise Rent A Car Armenia for weekend rentals. At the end of the article, you will find some exceptional destinations that are worth visiting on a weekend. So keep on reading if you are interested. 

Weekend rental with Enterprise Rent A Car Armenia

Here at Enterprise Rent A Car Armenia, we have prepared a special deal for those who want to get out of the town for the weekend and enjoy the beautiful landmarks of Armenia. All you need to do is request the weekend deal when checking the options with our team. Our weekend deal provides a great opportunity to save some money yet enjoy your ride with a comfortable car of your choice. 

When you choose to have the weekend deal, we give you the opportunity to pick up the car on Friday evening, from 5 PM. And you can have the car up until Monday morning. Once you are back from your journey, you shall drop it off at the nearest office no later than 10 AM on Monday. If you book a weekend rental, you will pay for 2 days instead of 3.

This offer is one of our best-selling deals since many people are free on weekends and want to discover Armenia and visit monasteries, natural monuments, and other famous places in the country. The Weekend Deal is not available online. However, you can book it by contacting our customer service by email or by phone, and our team members will make the reservation for you. Depending on the car you choose to rent for the weekend, we will quote the rental price, provide all the details, and book the car on your behalf. And all you need to do is take the car on Friday evening from the agreed place and drop it off once you are back. 

Where to go in Armenia on a weekend?

Armenia has a lot to offer for those who want to have a weekend trip and visit various sites. One of the most popular destinations is Sevan lake and Dilijan resort town. 

When you have an available weekend and don't want to spend it in the busy capital, hitting the road to the North of Armenia is a great choice. Sevan Lake is the perfect place in the summertime. Just keep in mind that many people love to go there on weekends if the weather is favorable. Dilijan resort town is an exceptional place if you want to breathe fresh air, enjoy breathtaking views, and admire the unique streets of the old part. This part of Armenia is famous for its authenticity and uniqueness. 

Another excellent choice can be to head to the Southern part of Armenia. Here you can visit the wine region of the country and try delicious Armenian wines in Areni village. Moreover, you can take the longest cable car in the world and admire the beauty of Tatev monastery, and arrange your overnight stay in Goris town. This part of the country can be a great destination for those who want to have a full and saturated itinerary. Along the way, you can also visit some outstanding places such as Noravank monastery, Khndzoresk cave town, or Shaki waterfall.

Final thoughts

Weekend trips in Armenia can be fun, adventurous, and remarkable. But you will enjoy your weekend to the fullest when you also are able to manage your time yourself. Considering this, Enterprise Rent A Car Armenia is always providing the best services to its customers. That is why weekend rentals with us are very easy and enjoyable. Enjoy the utmost of Armenian famous destinations and experience the comfort of your rides with Enterprise Rent A Car Armenia.