Aragats: Climbing the highest mountain of Armenia

Aragats is the highest mountain of Armenia having four peaks (Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western), with the highest peak with 4095 m of altitude. Mount Aragats is a layered volcano, the last time it erupted during the Middle and Late Pleistocene.

Springs, rainwater, thaws make many mountain rivers that derive from the slopes. Recently it has become a more and more famous hiking destination for adventure lovers. Therefore many travel agencies include this route in the tour packages, and below, you will find all the essential information if you are interested in having a hiking trip here.


Technical details of the hiking to Aragats

Mount Aragats is far from the capital, at about 80 km. Given the weather conditions in this area, the best season for hiking Mount Aragats is from May to September. And depending on your hiking preferences and level of experience you can either have a one-day hike to the mountain or arrange your journey with a couple of overnights.

If you choose the easiest peak to climb, the Southern Peak at an altitude of 3900 meters is your best choice. And more professional hikers can reach the highest summit of 4090 meters. When planning on your hiking, make sure to have a backpack with all the essential products like sunglasses, sunscreen, a bottle of water, and other personal belongings.


Hiking the Mount Aragats

First and foremost, you need to have an instructor or a hiking guide with you, who is familiar with the route. The hike to the mountain starts from Lake Kari at an altitude of 3200 meters. The easiest way to get there is by car. The hiking trail is about 5 km, and the hiking takes from 2.5-3 hours. The difficulty of the trail is moderate, so it is not necessary to be a professional to climb the Southern peak. If you love hiking, this is a good destination. As soon as you reach the top, you will be astounded by the views opening from the top. The sceneries of Mount Ararat and Ara will open to you if the sky is clear, and the beautiful fields of the surrounding villages will feel like on your feet.


And if you want to prolong your hike, you can continue the trail to the Northern peak. However, you should have camping overnight at the camp base. Continue the hiking to the saddle between the Western and the Southern Peaks of the mountain.

When you pass it, you will see the camping area special for people who climb the Northern peak. Set up your tent, make a camping dinner, and sleep under the starry sky. You can start the hike early in the morning. The hiking to the top of the peak takes around 5 km. It is an interesting fact about the Northern peak. It has two points. Travelers mostly reach only the false peak, as the last 30 meters of the 4090 is very difficult and dangerous to climb.

So if you want to ascend the real Northern Summit, make sure to have a very professional trekking guide with you. The views opening from the Northern peak are majestic and breathtaking. The landscapes and the views of the three peaks of the mountain will leave you speechless if the weather is favorable.

After admiring the views, descend the peak and reach the first stop you initially had in Kari Lake and drive back to Yerevan.

Mount Aragats is beautiful with its majesty and power. Anyone who loves hiking and visits Armenia should climb this mountain. Not only is it close to the capital, it has astonishing views from the top, but you can also combine it with several other destinations such as Amberd fortress or Byurakan Observatory.