Explore Armenia by car

If you are fond of traveling to new destinations and exploring at your own pace, Armenia can be an excellent location for that. It gives all the opportunities to explore the country by car due to its small size so you do not spend hours and hours on the long roads to reach the next destination. Another thing is that Armenia is an open-air museum and you can find historical sights, old churches and monasteries, beautiful gorges, and rivers in almost every part of the country which makes it an ideal place to explore by car. Here are several key factors that make this option the most convenient one. 

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Renting a car is easy and affordable

Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers affordable rates and a variety of cars to choose from. You can book your car online without any prepayment with a free cancellation option with no hidden fees. Simply choose the dates of your trip and check out the best available rates online. You can choose to pick up your car right at the airport upon arrival or at our downtown office in Yerevan. Our operations at the arrival hall of Zvartnots International Airport work 24/7 and it takes only 5-10 minutes to do the paperwork and collect your car from our parking zone. Whether you are looking for a small car, an SUV, or a minivan, we have the right car for you.

You own your time while traveling

Having the option of traveling by car in Armenia allows you to manage your own time, stay in your desired destination for as long as you wish, and not think about catching the group as the bus is leaving. Armenia offers regular public transportations to most of the cities outside the capital. However, not all of them work properly or take you to the exact destination you want to visit. That is why renting a car can be a better option for you if you already have planned an itinerary and have specific destinations in mind. This way, you will have the freedom to start your day whenever you want, stay in the location as long as you want, and have unplanned overnight stays why not. And most importantly, there are so many hidden destinations and breathtaking sights that are far from people's attention and unavailable for public transport, which you can surely manage to visit by car and admire the remote places of Armenia as well. 

You can change your plans anytime you want

Armenia has a lot to offer to people of any taste. Whether you are into ancient architecture, cultural and historical overviews, spectacular sceneries, or natural monuments, here you will find everything you want. And since the country does not have a massive territory, everything is reachable only within a few hours. The capital of Armenia is located in the center of the country. Therefore, you can reach any destination by car without any hesitation. And you are always to change your plans and change your destinations en route. The highways are well equipped with the signs and indications of the destinations you want to drive. And there are many shortcuts available if you have a change of plans and decided to make your way up to the North instead of going to the South. Another great highlight of the Armenian highways is that all the roads are free. There are no private driveways or chargeable road parts in Armenia, which makes it even more comfortable to drive in the countryside. 

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Destinations worth visiting in Armenia by car

Everyone knows that one of the most popular destinations in Armenia is Dilijan resort town, from where you will get a chance to admire the most perfect views of green lush forests. And there are of course public transports that will take you there. However, not everyone knows about the hidden gem located in the Dilijan national park, which is quite remote yet reachable by a car. Aghavnavank is an 11-12 century monastery located in the middle of the Dilijan National resort. The road taking to this place will leave you speechless with its breathtaking views. And this place can be reached if you have a car and are ready to explore the country's hidden places. Another excellent destination, which is not accessible by public transport is Yeghegis village, known for majestic mountain views. If you are into calm and relaxing leisure, there are several guesthouses you can have a couple of overnights and admire the beauty of Armenian nature. The village is close to Yeghegnadzor town, where public transports are available. However, the most convenient option to reach there is by car. 

These are only a couple of places that will leave you speechless with their beauty and magnificence. Imagine how many great places you can see while exploring Armenia by car. 

While traveling in the country, you can find yourself exploring some of the most beautiful sites, both popular and hidden. Therefore, whenever you are in the country and want to explore incredible places, you can rent a car with Enterprise Rent-A-Car Armenia and start your unforgettable journey in Armenia.