Discover Lori in the summer

The region of Lori is the third-largest region of Armenia. Located in the north of the country, it is neighboring Georgia. The climate in Lori is rather humid, which makes this place an ideal destination for summer since it is not too hot. The region is famous for its tourist destinations, adventurous infrastructures, and unique accommodations. That is why it is absolutely worth visiting Lori when traveling to Armenia. And what should you do in this region when you are already there? In this article, we will talk about all the interesting things and activities that are available to everyone in Lori.

Lori, Armenia

Sightseeing in Lori 

The center of the region is Vanadzor, which is 130 km far from the capital Yerevan. You can reach Vanadzor by different means of transportation including public transport, train, taxis, and of course, renting a car at Enterprise

Vanadzor offers a lot of things to a traveler who wants to have an overnight stay in this beautiful town. The first thing that will keep you in awe will be the breathtaking views of the town since it is perfectly located in the middle of mountain ranges. Hence, with each turn, you will be accompanied by the stunning views of alpine mountains. The region itself is a perfect destination for those who have various travel tastes including rafting, hiking, biking, and other activities, as well as relaxing leisure. When you want to get comfy with your favorite book and admire the beautiful landscapes, Lori is the most ideal place for that. You can always have a car rental upon your arrival, hit the road, and lead your way to Lori for your best vacation in Armenia. Anyone who has visited Lori can say without a doubt that there are uncountable destinations and places to visit and admire. And you can discover something amazing every day. A fascinating place to be when you are in Lori is Odzun church. It is located at the top of the Debed gorge, providing a mind-blowing view of mountain ranges. The list of must-visit places in Lori can be completed by Haghpat and Sanahin Monasteries, which are very close to each other and have a great significance to the country, as both monasteries are listed as the UNESCO World Heritage site. 

sanahin monastery

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If you are more into nature and beautiful landscapes, you should surely visit Dsegh village. This place has astounding sceneries of nature and mountains. Especially in the summertime, the entire village is filled with greenery and wildflowers. So this place is the absolute best choice for nature lovers. 

Activities in Lori

Lori region offers lots of activities to the visitors. One of the most popular activities for adventurous travelers will surely be rafting in the Debed River. The rafting season here starts at the end of April, so if you are visiting the region at that time and want to make extreme and adventurous memories, this is just for you. Another excellent choice for lovers of active leisure would be hiking. There are many great hiking trails in Lori, such as Lori Fortress, Haghpat - Sanahin Monasteries, etc. It is always more interesting to discover the hidden places of the country by hiking. And if you are keener on having a passive and relaxing stay in Lori, visiting the Dendropark in Stepanavan can be your best choice. This natural forest is an excellent place for you in any season. You can have calming walks in the botanical garden, admire the beautiful greenery, and breath the healing air of the garden.

Infrastructures of Lori

When you plan on traveling to this part of the country, you will surely start to think about the infrastructure it has. And the most wonderful part of this is that Lori has started to improve and develop its infrastructures for a few years now. There are many beautiful hotels, guesthouses, and even glamping, offering excellent services for those who decided to have an overnight or two in the Lori region. Thanks to the breathtaking views of the region, whether you want to have overnight or a delicious meal, the magnificent landscapes will not leave you for a minute. In Lori, you will feel as if you are in paradise, where marvelous nature collides with perfectly situated infrastructures. 

There are so many beautiful and mesmerizing places in Lori that one cannot list them all. But one thing is for sure. When you are in Armenia, visiting the Lori region is a must. Everything here resembles serenity and a peaceful atmosphere. That is why Lori has a great potential of becoming one of the best destinations in Armenia with all of the activities and unique places it offers to travelers. 

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Discover Lori in the summer

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