Armenian Festivals and Events in 2021

Armenians love any reason to celebrate and spend quality time, so Armenian festivals and holidays are a big deal in the country. From the watermelon festival in Yerevan to enjoying delicious gata in Vayots Dzor, drive up to some of the most beautiful parts of the country and take part in these exciting festivals!

Gata Festival

Are you a sweet tooth? Do you like Armenian pastries? Held in the beautiful Vayots Dzor region, Gata Festival is one of the most beloved Armenian food festivals. It showcases the authentic process of making this luscious pastry, plus - you get to try not one, not two, but many kinds of gata. About two years ago, the festival represented the world’s biggest gata, which later made into the Guinness World Records.

Located about 2.5 hours from Yerevan, if you have spare time definitely drive around and check out different parts of Vayots Dzor. The region that is famous for its caves, mysterious gorges and rocks, is also home to Armenian winemaking!
The Gata Festival is annually held in September.

Mulberry Festival

Mulberries in any color and form are an absolute favorite for Armenians. The festival shows different ways of using mulberry, besides enjoying it by itself - some of these are how to distill for mulberry vodka, how to dry them, how to make doshab (a syrup that cures cold and cough) and so much more! The event is accompanied by traditional songs and dances.

Held in Syunik region down south, the festival is the perfect destination for a long road trip in the country! About 4-5 hour drive from Yerevan, you can stop to fully immerse yourself in the nature and take see the real beauty of the country. The Mulberry Festival is annually held in July.

Barbeque Festival

Khorovats which is the Armenian word for barbeque is a famous treat for family gatherings, weddings, or even just Sunday picnics. One of the most delicious festivals in Armenia is annually held in the northeast part of Armenia - in Lori province. The festival participants all come from various restaurants, organizations and culinary groups.

While you are at the festival, do not miss your chance to drive around Lori. About 3-4 hours of drive from Yerevan, Lori is a gorgeous combination of mountains and rivers all around the region.
The festival is held annually in August.

Watermelon Festival

In Yerevan for the summer? Do not miss the Watermelon Festival, organized by the Municipality. The capital is very hot in the summer and a slice of cold watermelon is much needed for everyone! This event in Yerevan features different carvings on watermelon, music, dances and different performances. Held in the Swan Lake, join the delicious, fresh and colorful festival. 

Take a stroll around the city when done with the festival - Yerevan has so much to offer for every taste.
This event is held annually in July.

Regardless of the season, you will never get bored, when in Armenia! The country offers a variety of festivals. What can be better than driving in the country and enjoying these wonderful events? 

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The above-mentioned festivals are only some of the many celebrations you will experience in Armenia.

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Armenian Festivals and Events in 2021

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