Armenia As A Homeland Of Winemaking

Armenia is mostly known for its cognacs, but very few people are aware that first of all Armenia is a country which has winemaking millennial traditions. Armenian wines are known in many countries of the world as leading brands in that field. Many people come to this country to try wine and brandy.

Yerevan Wine Days

They also have a wine festival in Armenia. During 2 wine days in Yerevan or so called “Yerevan Wine Days” Armenian wine producers present guests 200 types of wine. Everything is accompanied by a charming piece of music. This two-day open-air festival is usually organized in May on Saryan street which is traditionally the street with countless wine restaurants in Yerevan.


Separate stands are placed along the street, from where wine lovers will have an opportunity to taste the best wines of Armenian production. The activity also contains Armenian folk songs and dances, which makes the atmosphere warmer and more national. In this way, everyone can feel the spirit of the Armenian nation and get to know its cultural features.

Armenia’s wine industry

Armenia’s wine industry has become a leading branch of the country’s economy. Armenia has quite a big amount of large companies that produce wine, cognac, brandy and other alcohol beverages. Armenians have been producing wine since ancient times. In 2011 archaeologists in Armenia announced the discovery of an old wine production facility. Located in the Areni cave complex, it consisted of a shallow reservoir to press grapes, a tub for storage, and fermentation jars.

They also found grape seeds, remains of pressed grapes, and dozens of dried grapevines. Armenia’s wine production has become huge nowadays. A large number of wineries and vineyards are found throughout the provinces of the Republic of Armenia. The most ones are large wineries in Ararat province.

Areni Wine Festival

In Areni village an annual festival of wine is held. On Areni Wine Festival 2019 representatives from both professional and homemade wine and cheese producers will present their work. Performances of traditional songs and dances will be held throughout the whole event along with enjoying the homeland wines.


Participation in the Areni Wine Festival is free, though there is an option for taste-testing. With a little some of money the participants can buy a ticket that allows them to taste as many wines as they want (there are over 100 wines from 30 producers). Tickets can be purchased at the event or in advance from event organizers or their representatives.

The purpose of the Areni Wine Festival is to develop wine tourism, to ensure recognition of Armenia as the cradle of wine.

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