5 Things to do in Lori Province, Armenia

When planning your itinerary to Armenia, make sure to include Lori Province in your list. Located in the northern part of Armenia, Lori is the largest region of the country. With its tall mountains, lush forests, green landscapes and ancient monasteries, Lori province has a great variety of attractions that are in the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage.

Things To See in Lori Province

1: Visit Sanahin and Haghpat

Visiting the historical sights of Lori is a must for travelers who enjoys history and architecture. A huge number of churches and monasteries are situated here. All these sighs are positioned very closely, so attending them throughout the day will be possible.

Sanahin and Haghpat monasteries date back to 10th century. Being included in the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage, they are considered to be religious, cultural and learning hubs from Middle Ages.

Haghpat comprises numerous religious sites and structures. Among them, the most well-known is the Church of St. Nshan being an essential site of Armenian architecture from Middle Ages. There you may come across various khachkars (cross stones) typical to Armenian architecture too.

Sanahin Complex has two main churches, namely St. Astvatsatsin and St. Amenaprkich Churches which are also believed to be great samples of Armenian architecture from medieval times.


2 Stepanavan: Visit Dendropark

Dendropark is famous among Armenians as Sochut. This is a beautiful and quiet vacation site popular with its botanic parks. You can take a tour in the park or go for a walk. This is a perfect spot for those who prefer to spend their holiday with families and friends. 

Note that the entries of the park are without charge and accessible to the public. The botanic garden is extremely large and has been regarded as the leading natural forest in the territory of Caucasus. The park has a great variety of plants and species from all around the world and currently the number of garden species exceed 500.
The climate of this site is very temperate which creates the best conditions for the species to multiply and spread.

3: Lori Fortress

One of the best travel destinations in Lori is, of course, Lori Fortress. It is located just outside the town, 4.5 km from the city of Stepanavan, by the river Dzoraget. Lori fort dates back to the 11th century, and it is located 1500m above sea level. 

The area is full of numerous natural caves and gorges. You can enter the castle only from the north-western part of the fort. One thing that differentiates the fort from others is the breadth of the wall (approximately 20 meters). When walking across the fort you will come across the remnants of bathrooms and watering system. Also, it had a very long (200 meter) and secret tube beneath the ground which has been of great interest among scientists for hundred of years.


4: Go River Rafting! Dzoraget River is Waiting for You

Lori Province fun activities include going river rafting in Dzoraget River. This is a very famous entertainment center offering breathtaking scenes over the river and mountains. The starting point of the rafting tour is Dzoraget Bridge. When planning your trip, just keep in mind to take all the necessary items such as shoes for river, fishing gear, some refreshments and a water resistant camera. 

5: Visit Hovhannes Tumanyan House-Museum

It is a good idea to pay a visit to Hovhannes Tumanyan House-Museum. Tumanyan is regarded as the most beloved Armenian writer and poet, and his works are admired among all Armenians. The museum includes the writer’s handwriting, drawings, photographs and exemplars. Also, it has a large library containing over 8000 books.

Lori Province Weather

Lori Region has a relatively humid climate. It is famous for its severely snowy winters, especially in mountainous areas. Summer is warm and humid.

If you plan your trip to Armenia, explore Lori Province by renting a car from Enterprise Armenia and enjoy cultural attractions and breathtaking landscapes.