5 Reasons Why you Should Rent a Car on your Next Trip to Armenia

When you visit a country you want to see everything, visit all the unique places and sites. And sometimes, pre-arranged trips don't give you enough time to enjoy your journey and see everything. With this in mind, you already start to think about ways to manage everything and find ways to visit all the places you want in the time available. It is why renting a car is a great choice.

You might, however, hesitate, as the roads are unknown to you and you need to drive more carefully than usual. But given all the modern navigation technologies and GPS systems, it is easy to get to your desired destination with just a few clicks.

In this article, we will talk about five reasons why you should rent a car on your next trip to Armenia.

It Saves you time

Underdeveloped public transportation in Armenia makes it hard to plan a vacation using city-to-city buses, shuttle services, or trains. You can still use the subway or city transportation in Yerevan. However, you will face more difficulties to travel to regions and especially to the main touristic sites.


You need to be flexible as not everything will go as smoothly as you planned. It makes car rental a great choice as you get complete freedom to control your timing, and you end up visiting all places you had on your list. Car rental will save you lots of time as you can start your day as early as you wish and enjoy your late dinner in a nice Armenian restaurant without thinking of missing the last bus. If you travel with your partner or with friends, you can register additional drivers in your contract to share the driving experience during the trip with them. It will allow you to enjoy also a nice local wine or famous Armenian brandy.
At Enterprise Rent-A-Car, we allow cross-border rentals and one-way rentals with neighboring country Georgia, so if you have planned to combine these two beautiful countries in your trip, we've got you covered!

Your safety is our priority

At Enterprise Rent-A-Car Armenia, your safety is our priority. When renting with us, you can rest assured that all cars in our fleet are properly maintained and are in technically perfect conditions. Besides the mandatory technical check-ups, we follow our internal procedures and conduct regular check-ups to ensure all our cars are safe on the road. All cars are equipped with necessary tools and instruments as well as a spare tire, in case you have a flat tire somewhere on the road.


However should you need any assistance, you can contact our emergency number available 24/7, and our technical specialists will take care of whatever problem you face with the car regardless of your location. It is very important to know that you always get a car replacement if your rented vehicle is damaged so you can continue your trip as planned.

When you start your car rental in Yerevan, you will be offered different insurance options, which reduces your responsibility in case of any accidents. For complete peace of mind, you can choose to add the full insurance package to your rental. It reduces your liability to 0, in case the car is damaged on the road.

It's safe during Covid-19 Pandemic

Given the circumstances that the world is in nowadays, it is much safer and protected to rent a car during your travels. When renting a car during a Pandemic, you are lowering the risk of getting the virus. Since you are not sharing a mode of transport with other people, unlike in taxis, public buses, or trains, you significantly reduce the chances of getting infected.
Moreover, we always sanitize our cars properly before each rental.

At Enterprise Rent-A-Car Armenia, we are committed to keeping a safe environment for our customers and team members, and we follow our international brand safety and security standards to minimize the risk of infection during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Car rental will save you money

When thinking about renting a car in Armenia, you might think that it would be expensive. But it is not the case with us. Enterprise Rent-A-Car helps you to save money, offering a wide range of vehicles at affordable rates. Renting a car with us may start from as low as $20 per day, including taxes, insurance, and unlimited driving mileage. When making a booking online through Enterprise websites, you will see the amount you will be charged at the counter, and you will have no extra hidden costs or unpleasant surprises when picking up your car. If you travel with family or a group of friends, we have vans available for you to rent. It will not only save you money but also let you enjoy splendid moments on the road.


It's all about YOUR comfort

Car rental makes your journey more pleasant and comfortable. With Enterprise Rent-A-Car Armenia, you can reserve your car rental online within just 30 seconds and pick up your car right from the airport upon your arrival in Armenia. And in case you want to pick it up from the city, you are free to visit our downtown office or even order a delivery to your location.

We aim to improve our customer service experience and minimize the time you spend at the counter. For this reason, when making a reservation at Enterprise, you will receive a link where you can safely upload your passport and driving license and have your rental agreement ready upon your arrival. It will significantly reduce the time you wait at the counter. At Enterprise Armenia, It takes about 10 minutes on average to get you on the road.

If you are planning to visit Armenia, check out our special rates online and enjoy your trip with Enterprise Rent-A-Car.